Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day and Birthday Celebrations

What a wonderful weekend I had. My birthday was on Mother's Day this year and I had a weekend full of celebrations. My husband and daughter surprised me with a birthday party on Saturday with friends and neighbors. This had been in the planning for several weeks and I really can say I did not suspect anything. My husband said this will be the last surprise party, because keeping secrets from me is like pulling teeth,because I am in a funny way kind of a 007 and know and find out anything. Too funny! And if this wasn't enough, they took me up to our beautiful Mt. Hood, Timberline Lodge for a outstanding Brunch. The weather was beautiful and so warm up there, not like last year, when we got up there we had a snow blizzard. The food was delicious. I bought myself a few weeks ago a new camera with a better Zoom, 30x and I took beautiful pictures up there zooming in on the top of Mt. Hood, on Mt. Jefferson and Lost Lake, which was still covered partial with ice and snow.