Sunday, November 27, 2011

1. Advent!

Today is the first Advent, my goodness, time is just running. I don't even have my Advent wreath on the table. I haven't started baking yet either. I still have one more show to do and than hopefully can start making these wonderful treats. Can't wait to add more pounds to my hibs, LOL. I just have to double up on the Zumba workout. It does wonders! Love it.
We are still eating on our Turkey leftovers tonight and that will be it, had enough, the rest will be frozen for later meals.
Our new TV is working just fine,tomorrow we will get HD hooked up and we are in. We haven't bought a TV for 17 years, I guess it was time. The old heavy clunker had to go. It weight a ton, 3 people had to haul it out of the house, we are having somebody picking it up later on, it is free! We had only 10 people line up at that store, including us, everyone was waiting their turn, this is how it should be.
We still cannot get over all these people in Walmart on Thursday, like I said before, we will never do this ever again. These 15/20 minutes what I have spent in that store was enough for me. I am suprised all these stores are getting away with this safety hazard and the Fire Department let this happen, there is no safety at all.
If you really think about, what is the meaning of Christmas, I do not think it is shopping like a mad person and pepper spraying people in the face, just to get to this item or shooting somebody while they are going to their car. My gosh what is happening, it seams the people are getting every year more violent and don't care at all. Everyone wants to save money, myself included, but not this way. Christmas should not be about presents,we have been married a long time, we do not give each other anything, why, Christmas in our house if you see it that way, is all year long.
I had to run some errands with my husband on Saturday, I was afraid to be stuck in that mess again, but it was so pleseant, nobody in the store, we went to Michaels and I had no problems purchasing my ribbon for 60% off and on top of it I got another 20% off my total purchase. What a bargain! I am all stocked up on ribbon, you can never have enough!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Never, never again!

In my last post,I wrote about us going to the Black Friday Sale for a freezer chest and a TV. What can I say, never again! This was our first and last time we did something like that. Now I know what crazy means.
We went at 10 p.m. to Walmart, that was the first mistake, because we thought we could save $10 on our freezer, ha. We parked 5 blocks away and had no idea how we would haul that thing from the store to the car, but we didn't even have a chance to buy it. We went into the store and about fell on our butts, we have never seen so many people in one store and you know Walmart is big, they just packed them in there, you couldn't even go through the isles, they had them roped off, people were standing in the electronic department and waiting until midnight for the sale and there was the lines just for paying. We would have to stand with everyone else just to get the ticket for that item, we ran around for 15 minutes just to find the end of the line so we can stand in line to pay, some people even got nasty and told us not to cut in, we did not, we had to go through just to find the end. We had it, we said, the heck of it and left, it was not worth it to stand in line for 3 hours just for paying, we went home and sat on the couch and tried to get in a small snooze just to get up at 3 in the morning and to go to our local Bi-Mart and buy the 46" LED LCD flatscreen TV and it was great, we got to the parking lot at 3:20 and nobody was there, we even beat the employees of that store, we were all mummed up in blankets and waited until the store opened at 5 and we had

victory, we were the lucky ones, they had only 10 TV's and we took one home. Merry Christmas to us! Last weeks table display from the craftshow!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

It is 7 o'clock and we are all stuffed!

The food has been put away, the dishes are washed, the kitchen looks clean again, no sign of all day cooking, like there was never anything done! We are all stuffed, isn't that what it suppose to be. While I was eating my wonderful meal, I thought about the many people who did not have such pleasure today and have all the food what we had. Sad indeed!
We bought this year for the very first time an organic Turkey, normally we do buy Butterballs, but we thought we would give it a try and see how it is and it was so delicious, very natural tasting, none of that injected stuff. I have to say, it made a difference. I think we will spend a little bit more, but we know we have something not treated. We had candied yams, mash potatoes and red cabbage and of course that wonderful stuffing. And we cannot forget the Cranberries. We also decided this time not to do dessert, no room! I didn't even make anything, very hard to believe!I think we saved ourselves from a big belly ache.
I wanted to have a small freezer chest to put out in the garage for many years and never gotten around, so for the very first time in the history of this household, we are going out tonight and doing a shopping trip right when the doors open up and get our freezer chest $60.00 cheaper than other stores, I do hope that will be a good idea, we will find out. And than we want to buy a new TV, so we have to stay inline again at 4:30 in the morning, I guess we are not getting alot of sleep tonight. Are we crazy? Maybe! I am answering my own question, isn't that funny! We might change our mind down the road and don't leave that cozy house or bed after all.
But a bargain is a bargain ad if you can save money, thank goodness we don't have to go far or battle big traffic.
Shopping here we come!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just got done with making my cranberries, the stuffing and red cabbage. The stuffing will be baked tomorrow in the oven, I make a bigger batch, what doesn't fit in the turkey will get baked, the kitchen smells wonderful.
Each and everyone, have a wonderful day, enjoy the meal with family and friends!

Monday, November 21, 2011

A thank you to all my new and loyal customers!

I had a wonderful show last Saturday, so many people came and admired everyones creations. The Show was held in an Elementary School and the lady who organized the show, did a wonderful job. She took over from someone else. I was told the Show has over 260 people on the waiting list, boy am I glad I am in!
It was a good show and very successful and it made my day getting so many wonderful comments on my creations. I had many new and repeated customers, thank you! I put my heart and soul in all my whymsical handmades, because I love what I do and everyone tells me it shows. Isn't that the best what can happen to an Artist? Yes, and I am calling myself an Artist! So now I have to be busy and plan already for next years events, so many ideas and hopefully I have plenty of time to do all this. Many requests for making more gift tags, these are my best sellers, more red Santas. Well, I better lupricate and oil my sewing machine.
I have one more show in two weeks, hard to believe that is it!
I haven't listed in a while anything in my Etsy store (, but I will soon, I have some beautiful Santas and many other things, which are looking for good homes!
Will post pictures later from my table display.

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Here comes Santa Claus!

I finished these two for my show tomorrow. My husband made a stand for them, so you can take them off and sit them down or just standing them up. The beards,eyebrows and hair is all needle felted into the fabric, no glue! I do not like to use glue, because it makes the wool roofing really nasty and hard.
If I do not sell them, I probably will put them on Etsy. Haven't listed anything for a long time, I guess I should give it ago again.

Monday, November 14, 2011

another post, wow that makes 3 today!

o.k. I promise, that will be my last post for today.
I want to announce a wonderful giveaway from Jody over at, you will have time until the 21 November to put your name into this giveaway, a lovely gingerbread dollie with the sweetest face! So hop on over and participate!

Pictures of my table display!

In my last posting I mentioned I will download the pictures of my table display from my craftshow this weekend. I had two tables and an excellent spot for selling my creations.

My first craft show was not to bad!

I had a very good two day craft show last weekend, it was very well visted and I was pleased. I had two tables with all my goodies, will post pictures of my display soon. I had new and repeated customers and many compliments. Thank you very much, I did appreciate your business. It is so nice,when you hear something like that. I had planned many more creations this year, but life got sometimes in the way to do so. I have already many ideas for next year, including the release of my first pattern/kit for my little snowman heads. Should be fun!