Sunday, November 27, 2011

1. Advent!

Today is the first Advent, my goodness, time is just running. I don't even have my Advent wreath on the table. I haven't started baking yet either. I still have one more show to do and than hopefully can start making these wonderful treats. Can't wait to add more pounds to my hibs, LOL. I just have to double up on the Zumba workout. It does wonders! Love it.
We are still eating on our Turkey leftovers tonight and that will be it, had enough, the rest will be frozen for later meals.
Our new TV is working just fine,tomorrow we will get HD hooked up and we are in. We haven't bought a TV for 17 years, I guess it was time. The old heavy clunker had to go. It weight a ton, 3 people had to haul it out of the house, we are having somebody picking it up later on, it is free! We had only 10 people line up at that store, including us, everyone was waiting their turn, this is how it should be.
We still cannot get over all these people in Walmart on Thursday, like I said before, we will never do this ever again. These 15/20 minutes what I have spent in that store was enough for me. I am suprised all these stores are getting away with this safety hazard and the Fire Department let this happen, there is no safety at all.
If you really think about, what is the meaning of Christmas, I do not think it is shopping like a mad person and pepper spraying people in the face, just to get to this item or shooting somebody while they are going to their car. My gosh what is happening, it seams the people are getting every year more violent and don't care at all. Everyone wants to save money, myself included, but not this way. Christmas should not be about presents,we have been married a long time, we do not give each other anything, why, Christmas in our house if you see it that way, is all year long.
I had to run some errands with my husband on Saturday, I was afraid to be stuck in that mess again, but it was so pleseant, nobody in the store, we went to Michaels and I had no problems purchasing my ribbon for 60% off and on top of it I got another 20% off my total purchase. What a bargain! I am all stocked up on ribbon, you can never have enough!

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