Thursday, November 24, 2011

It is 7 o'clock and we are all stuffed!

The food has been put away, the dishes are washed, the kitchen looks clean again, no sign of all day cooking, like there was never anything done! We are all stuffed, isn't that what it suppose to be. While I was eating my wonderful meal, I thought about the many people who did not have such pleasure today and have all the food what we had. Sad indeed!
We bought this year for the very first time an organic Turkey, normally we do buy Butterballs, but we thought we would give it a try and see how it is and it was so delicious, very natural tasting, none of that injected stuff. I have to say, it made a difference. I think we will spend a little bit more, but we know we have something not treated. We had candied yams, mash potatoes and red cabbage and of course that wonderful stuffing. And we cannot forget the Cranberries. We also decided this time not to do dessert, no room! I didn't even make anything, very hard to believe!I think we saved ourselves from a big belly ache.
I wanted to have a small freezer chest to put out in the garage for many years and never gotten around, so for the very first time in the history of this household, we are going out tonight and doing a shopping trip right when the doors open up and get our freezer chest $60.00 cheaper than other stores, I do hope that will be a good idea, we will find out. And than we want to buy a new TV, so we have to stay inline again at 4:30 in the morning, I guess we are not getting alot of sleep tonight. Are we crazy? Maybe! I am answering my own question, isn't that funny! We might change our mind down the road and don't leave that cozy house or bed after all.
But a bargain is a bargain ad if you can save money, thank goodness we don't have to go far or battle big traffic.
Shopping here we come!

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  1. Your dinner sounds like it was a feast and then some, YUM.... glad it all turned out.