Thursday, August 25, 2011

Red and black, what could it be?

A few years back, I took a class with Barbara Willis, by the way, she is one of my favorite teachers, wonderful lady, anyway, we learned how to sculpt a face, took a mould inprint from the face to make a paper mache mask, which was then covered with knitted fabric and then painted with pencils, markers, eyeshadows or whatever you wanted to use. For my doll faces I prefer regular eyeshadow and blush, which you can buy cheap at the Drugstore, Walmart, Target or whatever store you prefer. It doesn't have to be expensive and it goes a long way. After painting the face, I sealed it with an acrylic spray on sealer, but make sure it is the kind so the colors don't run. For hair we used all kinds of wonderful organza type ribbon in different colors, matching the clothes of the doll. It will give the doll a total different look, than putting ordinary hair on her. I love this technique. This doll is a tassle doll and has no legs. Isn't she beautiful!


  1. Yes, she is absolutely gorgeous Hanni! I love her hair :)
    Thanks for visiting me.

  2. Grüß Gott liebe Hanni,
    ein Münchner Mad'l in Oregon, klasse !!
    Habe gerade Deinen schönen Blog gefunden, komme jetzt gerne öfter vorbei.
    Sei lieb aus Freiburg gegrüßt und wenn Du Teddys magst, schau doch mal bei mir vorbei :-)

  3. Hi Hanni, like your doll .... and the "cat christmas tags"

  4. Hi Hanni,
    danke für Deine Mail, hat mich sehr gefreut, habe Dir geantwortet kam aber leider zurück, deswegen melde ich mich nochmals auf diesem Wege. Würde mich auch gerne als regelmäßige Leserin bei Dir eintragen, geht aber immer noch nicht :-(
    Naja komme wieder vorbei.

  5. Oh my friend...I love it~ Her hair is gorgeous!


  6. Hi Hanni, She's beautiful! I love her face...