Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It has been a while or so!

Time has been flying these days, gosh it is already April, haven't blogged much lately but this will change. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We do live in beautiful Oregon and last Saturday we went up to Ski Bowl, which is part of Mt. Hood to see the Red Bull sponsored Schlittentag Fest. It was a gorgeous day, blue sky, outrageous sunshine, we did not mind of course and tons of snow. It was fun up there to see all the contestants with the home built contraptions, so called sleds. They had to push them up the hill and each of them had to go down the hill as fast as they can and have still one person at least in their home made devises when they went over the finish line. Several had a few crashes before they even made it to the finish line, you could guess that from the beginning on when you looked at the make it wasn't holding up. Some people did not believe in putting on a shirt or protecting their bare skin with something from the snow and ice, well they had to find out the hard way. But I guess they had all fun doing it. Looking forward to next years event.

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