Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Doll class with Barbara Willis

A few months ago, our doll club invited Barbara Willis to teach another doll class. We had a very good time, as always. Barbara is such a wonderful teacher and we are looking forward every time to have her here in Portland. I do belong to a cloth doll club. Our club started out with a Epb doll class, my first one ever and I was hooked. I met alot of fellow doll makers at this class and we decided to start a doll club and never looked back. It has been 10 years. Wonderful group. We do meet once a month on a Sunday.
I have not finished my doll yet, but I am so proud how the face turned out. The picture of the finished doll is Barbara's. We were the first class for this brand new doll she created for teaching.


  1. Conrgatulations...you won one of my giveaways on the PFATT Blog! I can't find your email, so can you please email me and send me your mailing address? My email addy is..

    Happy Holidays! *Lori

  2. Hallo Hanni,
    das Puppengesicht ist aber Deines oder? Gefällt mir sehr gut - so gut bekomme ich das nicht hin. Und die Puppe ist ja wunderschön - das Kleid ist ja ein Traum.
    Liebe Grüße