Friday, January 7, 2011

Organizing anyone!

Now that the Holidays are over, I started cleaning and organizing my sewing/craft room, gosh sometimes I wonder why I am keeping everything, but you never know which project could use all these accumulated items. I made already a big pile,which will go in my huge garage sale in Spring. Everything from fabric, trims, patterns, doll making supplies, bear making supplies you name it. We will go through the house and see what we can down size with, we probably have a move coming up in the future, because of my husband loosing his job with Horizon Air sometimes this year. Not looking forward to any of these changes, but unfortunally we have not been asked if we want them. The Alaska Air Group up in Seattle, WA just decided last year in August to do away with hundreds of employees. Sad indeed!
Going through all my treasures, you find things you never thought you have, it is like Christmas, oh look isn't that beautiful. Tons of shredding needs to be done also, well pretty soon everything will look nice again. Can't wait!

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