Friday, January 6, 2012

Just a few pictures!

We had a wonderful and traumatic sunrise the other morning. The colors were so bright. I had to go out in my bathrobe and take the pictures. We have wonderful sunrises, but this was just out of the ordinary.
We started remodeling our small bathroom downstairs in December, 5 days before my husband went into surgery for his knee. Not a good idea! We had this planned for a very long time, but I don't know what got over us to do it in the last minute, of course we are not done yet, but we are getting there. Thank goodness the toilet and the sink were put in before he had the surgery, because now he wouldn't be able to do it. We bought the lighting fixture a few days ago and will put it up this weekended, hopefully. Will take pictures when it is all done! I will never use a paint with a primer in it, very bad idea. Well, I did not listen to my husband, he told me not do it, but I want to cut time, well it has been a pain, I had to repaint several times and than the tape along the edges took the paint right off again. On my visit the next time to Home Depot, they will hear how bad this paint/primer is. It did not work, how it should worked. Well, you live and learn.
And last but not least, a few more pictures of my wonderful kitties.
Ta Ta, for now.

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  1. Pretty sunrise Hanni!! Is your pretty batman getting ready to say something???? Good luck on that bathroom and Happy New Year!