Monday, April 2, 2012

Good news, I can start blogging again, haven't done so in weeks. We had problems with our computer, we had Viruses, two Bots, Root Kit and several Trojans on our computer, I am afraid to go into any websites these days. I think all these things I picked up at Pinterest and Facebook, because when I went in Pinterest a few weeks ago, all of a sudden the computer just shut down and than all the problems started. I could take the PC and just toss it out the window, here you buy all these protecting programs, like Norton and nothing works. I have sometimes the feeling it is all done on purpose, so we buy their products. We signed up with in December 2011 after we had issues and I have to say I was very skeptical first, but after last night, I am convinced they did a super job fixing our issues. I highly can recommend them. Now on the lighter site, I have made another diaper cake for a good friend of mine who adopted a baby, the theme of the nursery was kind of cowgirlish. I am very pleased how it turned out, I posted the pictures in my I just love making them, they are so much fun and a big conversation piece at any baby shower. I still want to do a Dr. Seuss themed cake, bought some really cool things in the scrapbooking section at Target the other day. Was very surprised to see them there and such a good deal, couldn't pass it up. The Wheel of Fortune taping is going on in our town and I won 4 tickets for tonight to be sitting in the audience. Can't wait!

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