Monday, April 16, 2012

Will you look at that!

My daughter took a vacation in Thailand last month and came back with many beautiful pictures. She went to a Tiger Sanctuary and had a wonderful experience close to these little 5 months old babies and a full grown tiger, which took it easy in that heat by being a water baby. I still cannot get over that, how these animals were so calm with strangers around them. I am glad she came home with all her limbs still attached. This will be something to remember forever.


  1. Wow those pictures are amazing, I am envious of her being so close to those incredible animals. Your daughter is a pretty girl Hanni!


  2. Thanks for your help just testing now on your blog to see if it worked. Scary tiger pic!

  3. ... and I was excited because at our zoo I was standing close enough to our big Siberian male (behind bars) that I got sprayed with pee...hahahhaha.... my friend Joe and I smelled something like popcorn for the rest of the night....our spouses were behind us ...lucky them....they got lucky and stayed dry .. . ick... but, we bragged about it all night when people were offended by our smell ...